City & Batu Caves Tour

City & Batu Caves Tour

This is an interesting tour which unfolds the beauty and charm of an old and new Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur is rich with its history on how it developed from a small tin Miners Settlement to a growing modern city currently.

Kuala Lumpur with a character of its own, is also known for its colorful cultures, races and traditions. The city is further furnished by its interesting architecture, prominent landmarks and unique building.

You will be amaze to see that the Oriental and colonial part of the city intertwine with interesting Moorish, Mogul and Islamic stylish building.

Batu Caves is a Hindu Temple located at the outskirt of Kuala Lumpur City. These limestone caves are 400 million years old. There is a total of 272 steps leading up to the top of the main cave temple. It consists of three big cave. The world’s tallest Lord Muruga Statue with the height of 42.7m (130 feet high) is located here. This destination attracts a huge crowd during Thaipusam, which is an annual festival for the Indians to pay homage to Lord Muruga. This festival will be celebrated in January or February of every year. This mother nature attraction is the most visited tourist destination.

What to Bring and Do:

  • Wear comfortable (not over expose your body)
  • T-shirt or shirt with sleeves is fine
  • Do not waer Short Pants or Hot Pants
  • Do not wear Short Skirts or Mini Skirts (above knee level)
  • Long Pants are fine

Tariff Plans

Price List

Adult 2 Persons RM 120.00/person
Adult 4 Persons RM 100.00/person
Adult 6 Persons RM 80.00/person
Adult 8 Persons RM 60.00/person
Child(3-11) RM 50.00/person
Child(below-3) FOC

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