Elephant Santuary, Deerland & Batu Caves

Elephant Santuary, Deerland & Batu Caves

The Elephant Conservation Centre was establish in 1989. This is the only one centre where the relocation of elephant team is work on. Those elephant in the conservation centre was discovered from various part in Malaysia. When you visit elephant sanctuary you will get a chance to watch 30min video about how all the elephant was relocated in this centre.

Deerland park is another interesting venue you will visit on the way to elephant conservation centre. This deerland park wholly own and manage by privately call derpark management. In this deerland park you will see four different type of deer which from Indonesia / East Asia and local deer call Samba and Mouse Deer. Beside deers you will also get the chance to see local phytoon and some other different animals.

Tariff Plans

Price List

Adult 2 Persons RM 220.00/person
Adult 4 Persons RM 200.00/person
Adult 6 Persons RM 180.00/person
Adult 8 Persons RM 160.00/person
Child(3-11) RM 120.00/person
Child(below-3) FOC

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